Top 6 Do’s and Dont’s of web design

When you want to design a website there are many things you should consider and implement. I know there are a lot of things to consider with the interface and user experience but have you wondered why some websites get ranked higher than some?

This blog space is to show you the essential do’s and don’ts of web design.

Do have an easy navigation design: Your navigation should be at essential parts and always easy to access. Remember how you would complain when you access websites and cannot fully appreciate anything on there because the navigation was not easy to see? Same way when you are building your websites you have to reduce the amount of time required for users to get to the destination. Design your navigation in a way that gets visitors where they want to go with the least number of clicks possible.

Don’t allow the user to have many choices with clicks: The headache with this! Do not be at the end of this problem. Do not give the user too many choices The more choices given to a user, the less actions they will take. We cannot even decide what type of coffee to drink long enough!

Do keep a consistent font, style, color and navigation: Everyone likes to interact with things that are beautiful and organized. Keep the user interface constant across the board. All of the pages on your website should have the same general layout and style, and thank me later!

Do take your content of serious importance: The content of the website is just as important as the design and other aspects of the website. Nobody would want to read anything that is boring. The content is what makes the user stay hooked and find out more relating to the ideas you’re trying to sell to them. Make sure the website’s text is relevant. Irrelevant text adds nothing to your visitors’ experience and could possibly confuse them. Try and don’t use jargon, because I know I won’t visit a site that uses those terms. Would you?

Do checks for errors: A minor mistake can quickly ruin a magnificent piece of art. Beware of broken links. When a consumer clicks a link on a website and is met with a 404 error page, it might be easy for them to lose patience. I would be so frustrated, wouldn’t you? Look for errors on your website. Verify that all media content is loading properly with no broken videos or photos. I know this is the actual tedious part of website designing!

Do engage the users to keep scrolling: Users are more likely to convert by buying something, signing up for a subscription, or getting in touch with you if they scroll deeper down the page and spend more time with it. One time I was just visiting a shopping site just to see what they have, but everything was so engaging I ended up buying a lot of clothes! Just because! I initially had no intention of purchasing anything. People do scroll, but only when the content above the fold is sufficiently interesting. Trust me.

Now are you thinking of building a website or web app? and found yourself here?

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