The worst Web Design myths!

Develop just a website? Oh, that is very easy!
Some even claim that a website may be created in a single day! How? A designer would be a little ignorant and untrained to guarantee that your website will be operational before dusk. While creating a straightforward website may be child’s play, creating a seamless one requires advanced programming. There is WAY more to it than just knowing how to use white space, understanding the color wheel, or staying current with design trends. Your web design approach must include coding if you want a distinctive website to get the high-quality internet presence your brand deserves. To create a “be-you” product, rather than just a hastily assembled object from an uninteresting template, needs time and practice.

A responsive website is not necessary.
Today is the era of mobile technology! Do you not realize that? Mobile devices, not desktops, are the primary means of access for your page’s visitors. Any type of business that sells products or services must have a mobile-friendly website. “What Users Want Most From Mobile Sites Today?”, a Google study, claims. 74% of visitors who visited a mobile-friendly website said they were more inclined to return to it in the future, and 67% said they were more likely to purchase something from it.
Evidently, having a responsive website is the way to go if you want to keep ahead of the competition. If you’re clueless about responsive websites, read this article for additional details.

There are many myths about the web design profession, and here are just a few of them. Do you have any other comments? What kinds of misunderstandings have you run into in your creative journey?

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