How Teamalfy builds the best websites in Accra

Teamalfy has invested a lot of time arranging the flow of work completed for each distinct website delivered at the end of the day to be one of the best website design agencies in Accra. The demands and requirements of the client are constantly prioritized by Teamalfy in order to produce the high-quality work.

The Conceptualization and Planning Process

Teamalfy covers each phase of the project into sprints and uses the agile methodology in execution. The reason Teamalfy implements the agile method is to properly align the several phases for constant collaboration and continuous improvement. The team is big on collaboration for the quality of work to be produced

The Development ProcessĀ 

Every website begins with a full prototype design using several concepts in FIGMA to choose the ideal look and feel you would want for your brand. The FIGMA designs are extremely detailed and responsive. So detailed that every piece has a dark and light theme to cover every base your project would take. The FIGMA design is the beginning of the first phase into the actual implementation of the website. Creativity is pushed to its limits with the first phase and you can see from here how much the team brings your ideas to life. The agile methodology allows for the appropriate feedback to be given before the next phase can be initiated. This is one of the main reasons why you would love working with us. We also send out our daily To-Do lists at every step, so you are in the loop of what actually goes on with your project you have entrusted the team with.

The second phase is for the website to be pushed to deployment. Our skillful software engineers work tirelessly to produce seamless work. At this phase your website is halfway through to completion. Again because our work is agile, your feedback would always be included.

The last phase is for the website to be pushed to testing. The team works on the clock to make sure the functionality and user experience is met with your requirements. With the testing phase, the team also makes sure the User Interface is in line with the agreed upon design. We take your suggestions down to the T.

The technologies invested

  • React Native (Mobile Apps)
  • PHP (Laravel)
  • Rest APis
  • Javascript (AngularJS jQuery)
  • Github
  • MySQL
  • Docker
  • Linode
  • Scrum
  • Agile

These are the details of what your project would go through if you picked Teamalfy to develop the website you desire for your brand! Are you concerned about cost estimation? You can hold your horses because Teamalfy thought into your concerns before you could even have them and developed the project cost estimation software on the main website to aid you.

Read on the cost estimation article for more insight! Also curious about how long your website could take to build? Read here– We have you covered!

Teamalfy is an award winning web design agency based in Accra and London. We build websites, mobile apps, desktop software and SaaS Applications. Teamalfy is noted for delivering cutting edge designs for our clients. Teamalfy’s services include UI/UX prototyping, user flows, project management, search engine optimization, Tech support and web design.

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