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Have you always wondered why some websites are more visited than others? Have you asked yourself why do I seem to see this particular website everywhere? And then go on to interact with it? The big answer is great marketing. As simple as that sounds there is such a thing as bad marketing

 Now I am going to help you market your website in a good way with these few tips.

Search engine optimization: Yes! Through the use of the keyword phrases that users are most likely to look for, SEO works to make your website more visible in search engine’s natural results. Consider this: do you usually go past the first few pages of results when you conduct a Google search for something? Likely neither will your prospective customers. Editing current content and removing obstacles to search engine indexing are two popular approaches to boost organic search results.

Pay per click: To get visitors from search engines like Google to your website, use PPC online advertising. To see a return on your investment, you must convert each user that clicks on your search engine advertisement. To do this, you must pay a specific amount for each click. There is no minimum spending limit with GoogleAdWords; you can establish a budget as little as $5 per day or a maximum cost of $10 for each click, for example. To maximize your return on investment, conversion should be your primary concern. Choose a few key phrases, and the search engine will assist you in getting your advertisement in front of your target audience, wherever they may be searching.

Email marketing: Most individuals need to be engaged several times before they make a purchase, email marketing is an excellent strategy. I know for sure I need to be convinced enough before I click on that buy button.  It has been around for a while and remains one of the most effective ways to engage both current and new clients. Give individuals strong incentives to subscribe (contests, excellent material, insider knowledge, etc)

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