Top 3 reasons why your business needs a website

The first reason your company requires a website is to appear professional and credible. Customers apparently notice when a corporation keeps an official source for all information that you
might require regarding their activities.

Attract new customers through google
Google receives close to 6 billion searches per day and trillions of queries per year, despite the fact that around 91% of information indexed by Google receives no traffic at all. Not fantastic news, but it simply explains what would happen if your material were part of the 9% that receives traffic on Google: you might attract a massive amount of attention to your products and services. And it all starts with having your own website with great content; any company that does not do this is leaving a lot of money on the table and making things simpler for others who are actively increasing their internet presence and providing quality material.

Showcase your products and services

The second popular reason why your company should get online with its own self-hosted
website is that it allows you to exhibit your products and services in any way you see
suitable. There are various ways to get a website for free; in fact, if you understand what a
website is, your Facebook profile is technically a website. The same as your LinkedIn
company page. Other services, such as Google Maps and online directories, offer free web
pages or entire multi-page websites. However, these free platforms do not allow you to
showcase your products and services in the way that you would like. They place limitations
on what you can and cannot do. Your own self-hosted website, your content is developed
and presented in a way that is consistent with your business strategy and plan. All media and
graphic elements on a professional self-hosted website are carefully created to express your
brand and what it stands for. You can also post information in any format you need, such as
video, text, photos, documents, live content, or applications. You also set the accessibility
standards for each piece of content.
Reviews and testimonials
The third most compelling reason your business needs a website is that it allows you to
influence buyer decisions through reviews and testimonials. A well-designed testimonials
page filled with praise for your products and services will do wonders for your business. Our
site’s testimonials area is one of the most popular. You can provide social proof and display your top ratings and testimonials as you see fit. If you are familiar with consumer behavior, you are aware that many individuals are effectively impacted by what they hear in the form of
other people’s experiences with your products and services. In fact, user reviews and testimonials are extremely significant to prospective buyers during the pre-purchase period. Fortunately, you can assist them and, as a result, influence their purchasing decision by
displaying your top reviews and testimonials. And what better way to achieve this than to
curate and publish them beautifully on your website, the very place where they are doing.
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