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One of the biggest questions developers immediately want figured out before they even begin on their journey. The IT sector is evolving at an incredible rate. Programming languages and technologies that are popular today become outdated tomorrow. The work market is constantly changing, and trends come and go as well. So, which programming language should you learn next or begin with? You must evaluate a number of factors in order to come up with the best solution, including:

Industry developments, the labour market, your existing skill set, your project’s specifications, and how accessible are the of learning resources you want.

I will offer you a few suggestions in this article on how to pick a programming language to study. These are flexible suggestions that you can use in accordance with your needs rather than rigid rules.

Determine what are your goals to begin with

The most crucial thing you must do is decide what your goals are before moving forward with anything else. Consider your motivation for learning a new programming language and the outcome you hope to achieve.

Know your current skill set

The next stage is to choose the best strategy for achieving your goals once you have them in mind. Due to the diversity of programming languages and technologies, it usually happens that you can follow several paths to achieve the same learning objective. Making a list of all the languages, frameworks,

tools, and technologies you are familiar with will provide you the most accurate picture of your present knowledge. Your talent list can also act as the foundation for your CV if you want to learn a new programming language in order to find work.

Find Available learning materials

Here is just one thing left to accomplish now that you are aware of your objectives and ability. You should know how you could access learning resources for the programming languages or technologies that interest you. Online learning tools are abundant for well-known languages like Java or JavaScript, but they are not always as good for more recent technologies or frameworks.


Your career objectives and present skill set will choose which programming language to study initially. Additionally, you must take market trends and the accessibility of learning resources into consideration.

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