3 Best productivity tips

Being productive as a developer is difficult. It’s a very taxing job that calls for a lot of focus and can quickly wear out the mind. Making the most of your working hours depends greatly on your ability to concentrate, use automation to speed up processes, and manage distractions. You will find the best productivity advice for developers in this read.

Every day, begin with the most impossible task.

Developers sometimes procrastinate since it’s simple to get bogged down in daily responsibilities, especially if you operate as a freelancer and are responsible for setting your own deadlines. As a result, it regularly happens that despite working all day, you come to the realization that you didn’t really accomplish much. If you build a hierarchy of daily chores and start with the most challenging task each day, rather than multitasking, you can avoid that. Although multitasking had long been regarded as advantageous, it has since become clear that most people are not suited to it.

Take regular breaks.

Humans are unable of maintaining consistent focus for an extended period of time, and this is particularly true of demanding mental tasks like programming. The amount of time that people can focus on a topic without their thoughts wandering to something else has been the subject of numerous studies. For instance, this study claims that sustained attention can last for approximately 45 minutes, while another claims that it can last for 52 minutes straight before a 17-minute break.

Overall, there isn’t a set method that always works, and everyone has a different time restriction, so you’ll need to try a few different things to see what works best for you. It’s also not worth being tied to a very rigid rule: don’t interrupt your job if you are currently in the zone just because the break time has come. One thing needs to be kept in mind, though. When you do get up from your desk for a break, it must be a genuine one. Every single study on the subject shows that checking emails, Slack notifications, social media, blogs, or simply staring at any kind of device won’t matter as a break for your brain.

You may use your working hours more effectively and enhance your development workflow at the same time if you follow these productivity recommendations. Always keep in mind that exploration is the key to productivity. If a tool or approach you try out doesn’t work for you, drop it and try the next one until you find the one that complements your personality and workflow the most.

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