How to give feedback to a developer in 2022

There are many individuals in the world who dislike giving and receiving feedback. But how can anyone get better if no one provides feedback? There are essentially two forms of feedback that can be given to those working your project. Feedback based on overall performance is the first area. The second area for feedback focuses on a specific product. In order to make sure that the product meets everyone’s requirements and what was promised.

Now let us get into the tips for giving feedback to a developer the right way

First, wait for a go ahead

When a developer team has taken on your project by your team, you need to understand that whatever is being implemented are in phases. After a phase is completed, then feedback is needed. Or when all phases are completed is when your feedback is necessary. Catching them in the middle of a phase with your opinion, no matter your position would confuse the implementation process. 

Secondly, encourage collaborative discussions

A way to allow conversations with developers to produce better results is to create the room for collaborative discussions to occur.  Following the conversation, suggest a new course of action.
Everyone participating promotes collaboration and ensures that errors are not repeated.

Always be clear and concise

Nobody benefits if you don’t make your points clearly. The fear of the unknown is put to rest by being precise, direct, and detailed in your response. The developers must understand well what they are expected to create. This s because developers will take what you say you want literally and do as asked.

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