How to give good feedback as a developer in 2022

Giving feedback as a developer is the most understated soft skill you could have in your arsenal as a developer. To actually make people understand the work you have done and break down your methodology can never be easy. Especially to clients that have no technical background!

These are the tips you could use as a developer to give feedback the appropriate way:

Focus on the situation and problem at hand. Never take it personal

Frequently, when we consider feedback, we also consider how we feel about a certain person. Is it true that I like them? What about them annoys me? The “best” of human nature, but we need to use emotional intelligence to rise above it as a developer. Are you surprised, yes? You cannot be a robot in this line of work because it is only technical; instead, you must keep in mind that you are working with actual people who have real feelings. Every day, emotional intelligence is put to use. So as a developer whenever you want to give feedback to a colleague or a client, always never take the conversation to a personal route but stay on the situation at hand and this is the way to begin.

Then understand the difference between feedback and criticism

Are you trying to assign blame or are you attempting to explain where you are coming from with what you consider to be feedback? Always ask yourself these questions as a developer before any meeting with a client or colleague. Always  create a space where you can figure out a solution together so the situation does not happen again. A sincere and in-depth discussion can produce anything. You might even develop deeper connections at work!

Now be precise and impartial with the conversation.
The feedback will be more helpful if it is more precise. Give precise details and instances of both good and negative performance. You should refrain from expressing judgements and opinions unless there is supporting evidence. This allows the client or work mate the room to have a fruitful conversation with you about the way forward from there.

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