Developer burnout in 2022

Many workplaces view the extra time, extra effort, and total devotion as assets (and maybe that is all it is). They witness someone attempting to overcome obstacles rather than someone paralyzed by fear. Many well-intentioned agencies have measures in place to guard against team burnout. However, in situations like this, those alarms don’t always go off, and some organization members are shocked and unhappy when the eventual stop occurs. And occasionally even feel betrayed because of it. 

Solving the general burnout developers feel, 

Are you content? The first thing you should ask yourself is this straightforward query. Even if you’re exhausted from doing everything you love, chances are you’ll cease enjoying it as much as you once did as you get closer to burnout. Do you feel confident enough to refuse? I have noticed that when someone is burnt out, both they and others lose the ability to say no to requests. Even individuals who choose not to “speed up” experience pressure to accepted in order to avoid disappointing others around them.
What three things have you accomplished for yourself? We all have a tendency to quit doing things for ourselves, which is another observation. anything from avoiding conversations with friends to skipping showers and eating poorly.

The tech space keeps evolving and you desperately want to catch up, but also understand that you need to listen to your body and what it tries to tell you at all times. REMEMBER TO:

1. Get adequate rest.
2. Eat well
3. Get fit.
4. Step outdoors.
5. Go on a break.
In general, take care of yourself.

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